Bradley Thursday Spinners Facebook Update

And, A Good Sunday to All,
Since the group was started last Thursday, we now have 20 members on the facebook page. If you already have a personal facebook page, you can click on the following link: to join. Remember, from the previous posts, membership is limited to currently paid up members of the Thursday Spinners. We will keep the status of the facebook group at “private” for the next couple of weeks, until the majority of you have joined. Then the status of the group will be changed to “secret” and only group members will be able to see and participate in the group.

If you do not have a personal facebook page you can easily set one up by following the instructions at Once you have established your personal page click on the following link: to join the group.

Clear as mud? I hope not, but I do hope to see many more of you on facebook in the coming weeks.


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